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StarFire RTK
Agro-Tech uses John Deere StarFire RTK to provide the most precise data in the industry.
Agro-Tech Inc. is a locally owned business located in north central North Dakota.  Established in 1996, we specialize in providing contract research services for the agricultural sector. Agro-Tech provides field research services for more than 45 multinational companies.  High quality research, fast data turn around, and strict confidentiality brings repeat customers back to Agro-Tech.  Agro-Tech makes every effort to meet our customer needs.

Location, large land base, diversity of crops, and the adaptation and use of modern farm equipment and research technology are the keys of our success. Access to over 5000 acres of land on-site allows for excellent site selection which is paramount to our high rate of trial success.  This sizable land base consists of a broad range of fertility, soil type, and pest spectrum enabling us to conduct a wide variety of research. 

We are in the center of the wheat and canola belt and work with over 15 crops.  Agro-Tech provides real field environments for companies to test their traits, varieties and chemistries.  We generate the critical data to bring these products to the commercial market.  Companies value Agro-Tech's research capabilities as it helps them identify product concepts, advance chemistries, build labels, and select genetics for important agricultural markets.  Services include trait and variety selection; regulatory, fertility, and chemical tolerance and efficacy trials, as well as data consulting.

Agro-Tech employs 3 lead researchers with over 40 years of combined research experience.  We use no-till equipment to simulate local and real farming practices. RTK guidance provides a high level accuracy and precision to our field trials.  Agro-Tech has the resources to insure timely trial setup and planting even in a condensed growing season.  These resources combined with a highly skilled staff, and the use of the most modern analytical techniques available make Agro-Tech the premier choice for agricultural research.